Puhoi, a peaceful settlement in Auckland, New Zealand celebrated proud 150 years of its existence in 2013. On this eventful day, the residents of Puhoi remembered the founders and cherished their efforts. This website attempts to explain the journey of Puhoi from an isolated land to a beautiful village. The report divulges the readers into the history of Puhoi explaining how Puhoi was settled, cultivated and transformed into its present structure. It throws light on the developments that gave Puhoi, a remarkable presence on the map of New Zealand. The site also focuses on the traditions and culture that have provided a unique identity to Puhoi within New Zealand’s culture.

The first colonial settlers of Puhoi, New Zealand.

Being the victim of gloomy and vulnerable lives, one can think that Bohemians lived a life that lacked entertainment and fun. This was not so. The people did not miss any opportunity to dance and mingle. They used to take a keen interest in dancing, singing and socialising. This was their idea of respecting the hard labour by their people for decades. They practised national dances of Bohemia like the Unmadum, the D’bairsch Durl, the Hauawickla and the Dora Hat Gsagt.

The Ethnicity of Puhoi People

The early settlers from Bohemia were a mix of German and Czech descent. The people of Puhoi not only related themselves with Bohemians but also with New Zealand’s traditions and culture. Some people moved to Puhoi but were not associated with original settlers. Thus, the ethnicity of Puhoi evolved with time under the influence of historical and socio-economic circumstances. People started calling Puhoi inhabitants as New Zealanders who spoke English.  

Clothes and food demonstrated the influence of Bohemian culture in Puhoi. At essential dates, people used to cook traditional dishes and wore dresses to represent the Bohemian lifestyle and art forms. It had been observed that residents of Puhoi continued to remain culturally distinctive while being an integral part of New Zealand society. Nevertheless, Puhoi is regarded as a Bohemian heritage and continues to attract tourists who are keenly interested in history and eventful lives of settlers. 

Puhoi enjoys a remarkable history characterised by the stories of bravery, hardships, struggles, faith, persistence and success. The history of Puhoi and its people symbolises how destiny can be altered with determination. Beholding their intrinsic values, the Bohemians never lost their character in adversity and continued to live and enjoy for a better future. It is their fortitude which has given Puhoi a unique identity in the modern era. 

The New Zealand society has also played a significant role in giving a unique status to Puhoi. Puhoi is regarded as Bohemian Heritage and home of musicians by media. Nevertheless, the ethnic groups of Puhoi proudly represent a unique amalgamation of the culture of Bohemia and New Zealand. While keeping their roots intact, they have accepted and enriched the culture of New Zealand with enthusiasm and vigour. 


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