The improvement in the original settlers’ quality of life paved the way for new Bohemian immigrants. The immigrants continued to travel from Bohemia to Puhoi from 1866 to 1875. With road construction project by Government and trade opportunities with Auckland along with other smaller developments, the economic situation of people of Puhoi started improving. A post office, two hotels, shops, a community hall and the dock were built in Puhoi in 1881. The rate of marriages and birth also improved appreciably. By 1900, Puhoi was transformed into a lively village with hall, hotels, music, food and dance honouring the homeculture.

During the era between the world wars, the lifestyle and orientations of Puhoi people changed in this era. They started to integrate with New Zealand society. This integration continued even after World War II and Bohemians also developed an interest for Rugby and Cricket. This era also witnessed the movement of original inhabitants and their descendants to bigger towns for a better future. In 1938, Puhoi Pioneers Memorial Park was built to pay honour to the local men who lost their lives in the First World War. This event was a part of the 75th-anniversary celebration of the arrival of original settlers.

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